Jul 03

I just wanted to take a brief moment to tell you about a time saving tool by Project Fondue for creating sprites for your sites from a folder full of images. I was just about to start a new project in Visual Studio to merge images for sprites on one of my sites when I decided to do a quick search and ran across this nice tool.


  1. zip your images
  2. choose your options(offsets, formats etc..)
  3. generate the css and download the image

It has a .5 mb limit on the above site, but the source is freely available for download

It sure beats rolling your own anyway Cool


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Jun 24

In preparation for the latest wave of products and efforts coming from TheGreatWideOpen, we are launching this blog as a repository for helpful news, tips and/or anything else under the sun we see fit to be placed here.  Expect developer centric tools, productivity hints and some exciting news about our apps for the pc, web and smartphone.

See you soon

Drew Greenwell aka werD



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